Process Automation - ReadSoft

ReadSoft is a complex tool designed for improving of management process of purchase invoices’ flow within your organization. Implementation of ReadSoft application enables achieving quick benefits characterized by; increased efficiency of invoice booking, timely recognition of cost data for each period, timely adjustment of liabilities, fastest inquires service or reduction of paper use in the organization. Our proposed solution fully integrates with main ERP like systems and covers the entire business process; from scanning, to verifying invoices with purchase orders or description and to their final booking.  

In the scope of Process Automation we design and implement tools that enable followings:

  • automated data inception with formulates
  • documents classification
  • intelligent scanning (OCR) and data reading and transformation into ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.) 
  • three-way invoice matching with orders and reception. brochure
  • invoice servicing as EDI and e-invoices
  • electronic archiving of documents 

IPOPEMA Business Consulting is an official business partner of ReadSoft.

If you would like to find out more information about, how using ReadSoft solution will benefit your company, please contact.