Application service and maintenance

Running your business efficiently requires proper IT solution which will support all operations and processes in the company. The role of IT department is complex and broad and is not limited to the completion of project implementation. In order to ensure continuous functionality, maintenance, development and configuration of IT application with new business needs and changing environment, constant actions and monitoring is necessary. Therefore, organizations are required to possess sufficient resources, competencies and suitable structure. Some companies decide to build and maintain those structures as an internal activity, whereas others, choose to focus on their core business and outsource maintenance services to the outside, professional supplier. 

Based on the competencies of our consultants, we provide following services to our customers:

  • Service and Maintenance of SAP system (ERP, Portal, PI, brand solutions)
  • Service and Maintenance of BI solution (SAP and Oracle technology)
  • Service and Maintenance of ReadSoft systems (Invoices, Cockpit, WebCycle, Collector, EDI, Reporter)
  • SAP and ReadSoft End User Support 
  • SAP and ReadSoft small development service

If you would like to know, how we can assist you in this area please contact.