Mergers and Acquisitions

We ensure a full and complex support, for our clients, during merger process. We will develop a strategic and merger programs together with developing a detailed implementation plan. We will point out all organizational areas, where quick win is visible as well as identify and support all operations which aim in sustaining attained effects. We develop a concept for transformation of processes and organization and afterwards we co-participate in its introduction. Moreover, we provide assistance to our clients, in managing soft aspects of implemented changes. We also provide a full support in internal and external communications’ integration. We run an office for management of integration program, where we monitor progress in project implementation, as well as we conduct all necessary activities to prevent the occurrence of previously identified risks.

Our service in the area of enterprises integration includes:

  • developing integration strategy,
  • synergy verification and integration program planning,
  • realization of transformation of processes and organization,
  • management of program (PMO).

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