Supply Chain Optimization

We offer already proven solutions in the area of advanced planning and supply chain optimization, which, in turn, enable costs reduction, on time delivery, increase in effectiveness and improvement in business operations results. Our services in the area of supply chain optimization are used by enterprises in various industries and sectors. The specificity of IPOPEMA Business Consulting methodology, distinguishes us from our competitors due to its combination of business consulting with implementation of APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) type systems. They are designed and dedicated to support tasks associated with optimization of used resources. We are recommending new solutions as well as implementing tools allowing for its correct functioning in everyday business.

Our service in the area of supply chain optimization includes:

  • consulting in determining the potential improvements resulting from optimization of activities,
  • reorganization of business processes in order to optimize use of available resources, including scheduling, activities simultaneously on various platforms,
  • implementation of integrated planning processes for procurement and operating activities (POA),
  • specification of requirements in accordance with, IT solutions supporting process optimization,
  • implementation of APS type systems (incl. SAP APO/SCM, Quintiq),
  • audit of implemented APS type systems. 

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